Internet Provider Competition in Michigan:

Michigan is the 6th most competitive business broadband marketplace in the US directly ahead of Massachusetts, Maryland, and Maine.

In total there are 255 providers offering specialized business services within the state. Broadband provider competition in Michigan is very good, with businesses having access to an average of 3.73 wired providers and 2.74 fixed wireless providers.

Direct Competitors

The largest direct competitors in Michigan are EarthLink and AT&T whose networks overlap in 4.74% of the state.

Additionally, Spectrum Business and AT&T have coverage footprints that overlap in 4.46% of the state. This makes them the 2nd largest direct competitors in Michigan.



Rating is based on average number of business broadband providers when compared against other states.

Providers Offering Business Internet Service
Fiber Providers Offering Business Internet Service
Cable, DSL, Copper Providers Offering Business Service
Fixed Wireless Providers Offering Business Service

Business Internet Pricing in Michigan

Average Per MBPS within Michigan
Average Telecom Spend Based on 1,424 sales


Largest 45 Business Internet Service Providers in Michigan

ProviderTechnologiesState Covered
HughesNet Satellite53.99%
Viasat Internet Satellite53.99%
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Fixed Wireless52.26%
EarthLink 5G Home Internet Fixed Wireless, DSL18.42%
Frontier Business DSL11.44%
Spectrum Business Cable, Fiber10.9%
AT&T DSL, Fixed Wireless, Fiber9.22%
Verizon Business Fixed Wireless7.71%
I-2000 Fixed Wireless7.16%
Comcast Business Cable6.37%
Point Broadband Fixed Wireless, Fiber6.32%
Peninsula Fiber Network Fiber6.05%
ACDnet Fiber3.4%
Bug Tussel Wireless Fixed Wireless3.37%
Air Advantage Fixed Wireless2.77%
Michigan Broadband DSL2.62%
Northern Michigan University Educational Access Network Fixed Wireless2.58%
UP Logon Fixed Wireless2.13%
CMS Internet Fixed Wireless2.03%
Surf Internet Fixed Wireless1.95%
jamadots DSL1.83%
Iron Bay Computer and Design Fixed Wireless1.78%
ATI Networks Fixed Wireless1.72%
WOW! Business Cable1.66%
Midwest Connections Fiber1.64%
ISP Management Fixed Wireless1.63%
SpeedConnect Fixed Wireless1.58%
Truestream Fiber1.43%
West Michigan Wireless ISP Fixed Wireless1.29%
HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative Fiber1.28%
TDS Business DSL1.24%
Michwave Technologies Fixed Wireless1.11%
ShoreWaves Internet Fixed Wireless1.1%
186networks Fixed Wireless1.08%
M-22 Internet Project Fixed Wireless0.98%
Verizon 5G Home Internet Fixed Wireless0.93%
Endless Journey Internet Fixed Wireless0.85%
Supernet Communications Fixed Wireless0.8%
Agri-Valley Services Fixed Wireless0.76%
DMCI Broadband Fixed Wireless0.74%
Mercury Broadband Fixed Wireless0.7%
MEI Telecom Services Fixed Wireless0.68%
AcenTek DSL0.6%
Ridge Tower Network Fixed Wireless0.57%
US Signal Company Copper0.53%

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